Saturday, July 7, 2012

A New {Bloggy} Friend!

Just wanted to do a quick post to introduce a friend to the blogging world!! I designed her blog last night and had so much fun with it.  She has incredible ideas for 5th grade math and science that would be applicable for 3rd-5th grade! I went to college with Carla and we taught together {more or less} my senior year during student teaching.  Needless to say, we’ve been known to sit and talk about school stuff for 6+ hours!!! Without further adieu…

Please head on over and share some bloggy love and show Carla how incredible this community is!!

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  1. I love her blog design. I it so simple, yet really cute. Love the star :) I became her second follower. Thanks for sharing about her blog :)

    My (Not So) Elementary Life

  2. I'm heading over now! I remember when I first started out on here and always try to share the love!

    Coffee, Kids and Compulsive Lists



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