Saturday, September 8, 2012

Apple Fun!

Hello friends!  One of my hands-down favorite times of year is….you guessed it! FALL!! I love the weather {the little fall weather we get in Texas}, the pumpkin {including pumpkin spice lattes!!}, the holidays…I love it all! I also adore teaching things like apples and pumpkins!  So naturally, I put together some fun apple activities.  One of my most popular products has always been my Seed to Plant science activities.  So, I created an apple science activities and experiments pack! Stick with me…there’s a freebie at the end!!

This pack has all sorts of stuff in it! Here’s a thumbnail of what it includes:
It includes :
-Book suggestions when teaching about apples
-2 Graphic Organizers
-Apple Graphing Activity and recording sheet
-Rotten Apples! Experiment and recording sheet
-Apple Surprise! Experiment and recording sheet
-Parts of An Apple Activity and recording sheet
-Apple Taste Test Activity and recording sheet
-Sink or Float Experiment and recording sheet
-Applesauce Activity and recording sheet
I also have some other resources that are fun to use when teaching apples…
How adorable are these little apple rice krispie treats?  SO cute…now onto more educational resources! Smile
Here’s a fun video from Brain POP Jr. on Johnny Appleseed! LOVE me some Brain POP!
LOVE this song from Harry Kindergarten!!!!
And you gotta love Reading Rainbow!!!
And now for the FREEBIE!!! Smile
Here is a freebie for the life cycle of an apple!  Worksheet and larger sequencing cards for pocket chart use. Enjoy friends!!!
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  1. A great unit!! Adding to my wish list! And thanks for the freebie!

    Heather (

  2. Thank you for sharing! It is such a comprehensive unit.

  3. Looks great Lacey!! Thanks for the freebie! I love me some Brain Pop Jr! Who doesn't love Moby?!
    Rowdy in Room 300

  4. Thanks for sharing all of your resources! The "I Love Apples" song is too cute! If you are looking for another video, here is my favorite:

    EduKate and Inspire

  5. Thanks for sharing. We are doing apple stuff right now and this is so helpful!
    First Grade Shenanigans

  6. So cute! I am new to this teacher bloggy thing. How do you make those nifty thumbnails and tpt previews? They look so professional!
    My Teacher Friend

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