Monday, February 13, 2012

100th Day of School: Number Cards 0-100!

On the 100th day of school my kiddos did an activity called the 100s House that I got from a teammate.  They LOVED it!  They worked as a team to put the numbers in order.  It took a while but it was a good gauge of which kiddos needed more hundreds chart practice and was fun for them at the same time. :)

I made the number cards to go with the "houses."  Each of my tables is a color and each house matched the table color.  I was concerned about the numbers getting "lost" so before I laminated/cut them I took a marker and color coded the back of the number sets to go with each house (ex: the numbers for the blue house had a blue line on the back of them).  You could also use color dots (like the garage sale dots) to color code as well.

I created a set of numbers that showed the 5s and 10s patterns.  You can get them HERE.
I also created a simple black and white version with no patterns.  You can get them HERE.

They can be used for so much more than the 100s house!




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