Thursday, February 9, 2012

Letter Formation-SMART Notebook

At the beginning of the year, I wanted to find a way to incorporate technology into my handwriting lessons.  I had a SMART board in my room so I wanted to use it as I introduced letter formation to my kiddos.  So, after some brainstorming I created a SMART Notebook file with a page for each letter.  On each page there are "instructions" on how to form the letter and at the bottom there is a little control menu.  If you press the magic play button, you can see the letter being written! :) The kiddos loved it and gave a visual representation of how to form the letter.  After we practiced in the air a few times the kiddos did some "rainbow" writing.  They got to come practice writing the letter in their favorite color.  We just kept layering on the colors.  They LOVED it!  Check out my Teachers Pay Teachers site to get all 26 letters (upper and lower)!

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