Thursday, April 26, 2012

Freebie Friday!-End of Year Class Book

So the end of the year is drawing very, very near!  And I wanted to share something that I love to do at the end of the school year!!!!
Do you find yourself talking with your kiddos about their favorite days of the school year?  Or overhear them talking about them?  Well, I’ve got a great class book idea for you!!
Our Favorite Days of…  Students can write about their very favorite day of kindergarten (or whatever grade you teach)!  Now, I suggest a little brainstorming and discussion so that kiddos don’t struggle to decide on a favorite, but they love love writing about it!  Then we all shared ours (I even wrote one Smile).  I did this my first year of teaching and it may have been my favorite thing from the end of the year.   I haven’t even told you my favorite part!  I saved their writing and compiled it into a class book.  Then, the first couple of days of the next year (with my new class) I read the class book!  My new kinders loved getting to hear about the fun things they might get to do, and it was a great discussion too about the writers they would become by the end of the year! They ATE IT UP!  And, I loved going back and reading and reminiscing…so everyone wins, right!?
I’ve created a little freebie pack for you all!  It includes cover pages and writing pages for K-5 plus one that uses just “school” instead of a grade level so that multi-grade classes and special ed classes could also utilize it.  I included a half page with picture space and a full page of writing paper for you to choose from!

Get it here!

Enjoy!!! I would love to hear about how you use it in your classroom!! Smile



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