Monday, April 2, 2012

Exciting, Monster Words, and Autism Awareness

So I just had the most ridiculous excitement!  I was perusing the TpT website…looking at all those “Top Sellers” that we all know and love!  I was looking at the Top 100 Sellers by Number of Products Sold for last week.  I was leisurely scrolling and then I saw a familiar store logo!!! MY STORE!  I’m number 88!  So exciting!  I had no idea when I started this journey 2 months ago that I would find such a community of people and have such success!  So THANK YOU! I owe it all to my followers!

For St. Patrick’s Day I made some Monster Words-Real vs. Nonsense.  Kiddos have to sound out the words and then sort whether they are real or nonsense.  It was a big hit, so I created a new one that is more general spring using flower monsters Smile Read ALL the way to the bottom to see how you can get a copy for FREE!

Spring Monster Words Nonsense copy

Get it here:


Teacher's Notebook 2



Today is also World Autism Awareness day.  My heart loves all students but because of a few students I have had, my heart LOVES kiddos with any kind of learning differences!  The CDC just released the new numbers last Friday. 

“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 1 in 88 children in the United States has been identified as having an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), according to a new study released today that looked at data from 14 communities.  Autism spectrum disorders are almost five times more common among boys than girls – with 1 in 54 boys identified.”

Incredible.  The CDC’s release also notes that 40% of children in their study didn’t get a diagnosis until after age 4.  I know many of us as classroom teachers have seen this first hand.  I have only been teaching for a year and a half and I have already seen the battle of diagnosis in the public school system.  Sadly, kiddos don’t always win that battle.  I think as teachers we are to be advocates for all students.  I believe with all my heart that we have the ability to change any student’s life and that includes autistic students.  So, think about those autistic kiddos you probably come into contact with everyday—love them, teach them, and try to understand them. Smile They’ll capture your heart if they haven’t already!

Okay..first 2 people to comment get the Spring Flower Monster Words pack for FREE!  If you aren’t the quickest, don’t worry…it’s on sale for $3.00 until Friday! Smile

Happy Monday!!! Ocean unit will be up tomorrow (hopefully) after a few tweaks!



  1. pick me pick me

    ms. patterson

  2. Pick me too!
    And congratulations! That's super exciting!!!

  3. Also, in regards to Autism Awareness Day... I have to say that students who are on the spectrum and truly THE BEST! They may have their quirks, but these students have given me more smiles, laughs, and feelings of accomplishment than any other students. If you can make a difference for a student with any sort of disability, it truly is the best feeling in the world!

  4. Man, I was too slow :( love your blog .... I'm a new follower!,



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