Monday, June 18, 2012

Welcome Nicole from Rowdy in Room 300: Alphabet Organizer

Hi everyone!
I'm Nicole from Rowdy in Room 300! I'm so glad that 
Lacey has allowed me to be here with you guys today!
I like knowing who I am reading about.. so that's me! 
I teach Kindergarten in Texas and love love LOVE it! 
I have been crafting and creating like CRAZY this summer to make up for all that lost time in the school year :) I was at Hobby Lobby last week picking up some supplies to make this hall pass. Have you seen it?! THEN, I was browsing around and there was this little gem just calling out my name..
I know.. you're thinking "WHAT?! The Christmas stuff is out already?!" Yessiree it is! We can always count on Hobby Lobby to have their seasonal stuff out waaay too early! Anyway, I was SUPER excited, not because I've been needing an Advent calendar, but because I need a way to organize my letter tiles, don't you?! That tub they come in is just not sufficient - your kids are looking for letters without any success and they all get dumped out or strewn across the table, are ya with me?! 
Plus, I used a 40% off coupon so got it for only $7, can you get any better than that?!
So I snagged it up and forgot all about the hall pass!
First, I spray painted it hot pink 
(I had some leftover from painting those toolboxes everyone's making right now)
{I managed to only get a few little bugs stuck in it - ha!}
Then I painted each individual box. I didn't worry about the bottoms or backs of the boxes, no one sees that part. I just painted the front and each side. I chose to use the same colors my room is decorated with.
Are you a craft paint hoarder like me?! I have a whole tub full of them!
While I was at it, I painted a few little zebra stripes along the sides.. they just needed a little something more. 
Then I made up some cute little ABC labels {I'm sharing... just wait till the end!} and decoupaged them to the little boxes.
Here's the completed project - I'm SO stinkin' excited to add it to my room!
Plus, I won't have to dig around for the letter I need during word work or have my kids digging endlessly through that tub!
It was well worth the 2-ish hours I spent making this (most of that time was watching the paint dry! Oh, and chasing my two kiddles around :)
Here are the labels if you'd like to use them! I'd love it if you come visit my blog!


  1. Nicole can you please please please make me one of these?

    Another great creation

    1. Thanks Shuna! I know I am SO excited about using it in my room!!

    2. I LOVE this idea! I went out to Hobby Lobby today and got one. I had so much fun painting mine! Thanks for the labels and fun idea!!!

    3. I LOVE this idea! I went out to Hobby Lobby today and got one. I had so much fun painting mine! Thanks for the labels and fun idea!!!

  2. I love this! Thanks so much for sharing!! I want to make one now too!

  3. I want to make one, but I could not download the letters through the application you have them on. Is there another way I can get them?

    Thank you,

    1. Shoot me (Lacey) an email at and I can email them back to you!

  4. Love this! I am going to make one for my classroom.



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