Monday, May 28, 2012

Winner Winner! and a Little Bit of Random!

The winner of my Planning Pack is….Sandi C! 
Congratulations!! Hope you enjoy the pack!! Smile I’ll be emailing it to you shortly.

If you’re interested in the pack it’s on sale for $9.00 until midnight! Click the picture to check it out:


Now on to the random: Y’all (yes I’m from Texas) I HATE packing. With every part of me. And seriously the moving process in general…no fun. BUT, I am so looking forward to the new adventures in my life! Those adventures might leave me little time to blog at first, but don’t you fear. I’ve got some great guest bloggers up my sleeve!! Centers, math, fluency, classroom management, you name it…they’ve got it!! So stay tuned…

Have a great week!!!

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