Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Too Much Coffee + No AC = ?

So…I got inspired late last night {I drank waay too much coffee to stay up late packing} and my AC was out {JOY} so I wasn’t really in the sleeping mode.  What did that turn into?  A new blog design!  I love figuring out new technology things and I would much rather go through the trial and error process to figure it out myself than I would have someone do it for me.  I like to say that I enjoy the learning process!! So I redesigned my blog and I LOVE it!  I have learned so much since I started blogging in February.  I’ve pondered offering to design blogs for others but I haven’t decided for sure yet.  I think I’m afraid that either no one will want me to {not the end of the world!} or that I will not be able to keep up with it on top of everything else!
So I’m going to do a little trial phase. The good thing for you {if you’re interested} is that I’m going to do this for free {for now}!  Here’s the first template:
PREVIEWInclues header, background, 3 links under header, 3 social media icons, blog button with grab code and sidebar headers
Here’s the deal.  I know I want my blog to be unique and I know many others feel the same way, so I’m only going to offer each template to one person.  So if you are interested, comment below with your email and blog link.  I will choose {with random number generator} one person to snag this blog template on Sunday {June 3rd}.  This deal includes installation which means you can either add me as a blog author for the installation or can give me your login information.  Either is fine with me!
If this is popular, I hope to create a few more free templates and who knows, maybe some for sale or custom requests!  I do know that teachers aren’t made of money though so they wouldn’t be crazy expensive!
Comment if you’re interested and I’ll be back Sunday with the lucky winner!
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  1. I'm very impressed! I'd love your design on my blog :)


  2. Very impressed! I let someone else do mine.. I know technology, but I also know I get very frustrated with it sometimes. Way to go!

  3. It's super-cute!
    I saw your blog title on my blogroll & it definitely caught my attention!
    I just changed my blog on Sunday to a free template I found online - it's Wednesday & I've already seen it TWO other places :(
    I would LOVE for you to design a simple, bright, & fun blog for me! I hope you get a great response!

  4. Love it!


  5. I just love this blog! Blue is my favorite color! Thanks for the chance to win!

    Lori (
    Teaching With Love and Laughter

  6. Girl!!! You are so busy! Love the new look! :)

  7. Oh my gosh! This is so cute!! I would definitely be interested!! :)

    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  8. Girl, you know I am interested! You are a life saver! I am really glad we met!


  9. I love it. Thanks for the chance to win.


  10. That is super that you prefer to do it yourself. Me? Not so much. I start and then realize that I spent hours making a graphic, only to find one that I like better! Arrrrg! If you have any advice (or freebies), I would totally appreciate them. I blogged about it at:

  11. That is SOOOO cute! I would absolutely LOVE it!

  12. I created my own blog design too and I'm really proud of it! I'm looking to add something to it, though, and can't seem to figure it out... (I'd like to make 3 little buttons on top of my 'about me' gadget - just like yours!)
    I'd love you to email me if you are interested in helping me out ;)

    All Students Can SHINE

  13. I love this blog design! I am moving down to kindergarten this year and am looking for a new look for a new blog!

  14. I'd love a chance! Thanks for the information.

  15. I too would love the chance to win!

  16. I'm interested in starting a blog and this design is super cute!




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